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Alongside enabling support and opportunities for children and families living with HIV in East London

We come alongside children and families living with HIV in East London providing practical and emotional support through the ups and downs.  We enable children to grow in confidence and experience well-being by providing consistent opportunities to enjoy activities together throughout their childhood. Support starts from home in a family context, as our team go out into our local community, making support accessible and confidential.  Over 15 years we have provided long term support to 160 families, reducing isolation and strengthening family resilience. 




“You have helped me so much over the past 8 years.  We started the journey together, you celebrate with me in the good times and we go through the hard times together.  It helped the children to integrate and gave them experiences I would not have been able to provide.  It helped very much especially in the beginning when I was just finding my feet.  Parent

As a Christian charity, speaking in churches has helped to challenge stigma and enable people to respond with compassion and understanding to challenges that may be faced by people living with HIV in our local community.  We have spoken in over 45 churches and trained and equipped at greater depth over 160 volunteers, who have gone out and got alongside local families.  We provide support to families of any religion or none.

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