Information For Churches

As a Christian Charity, we passionately believe that all should experience acceptance and love and that as Christians we are responsible for caring for those in need and challenging oppression. 

Speaking at local churches about local issues helps to raise awareness, grow compassion and correct wrong beliefs about HIV. 

Training and church talks

We are able to send one of our team to speak to your congregation in a Sunday service or to a small group during the week.  We have spoken in around 45 churches in East London, representing a wide range of church denominations. These include looking at attitudes behind stigma, the damage these can do and challenge often unconscious beliefs and behaviours. We use the Bible to explore areas of stigma and responsibility to care for those in need and hopefully contribute towards changed beliefs and behaviours.

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Research and Report on Church and HIV

We carried out research in 2012-13 in partnership with Tearfund. We conducted in-depth qualitative interviews amongst Christians living with HIV, church leaders and anonymous questionnaires of whole congregations. In total, 600 people from 30 churches were included and a report was published. It aims to help churches understand issues and take steps to address them.

World AIDS Day

We encourage churches to mark World AIDS Day on the Sunday closest to the 1st December and can provide resources to facilitate this. One way you can show your support is by including prayers for those living with HIV.  Providing red ribbons to wear is another simple act that people living within your congregation will find supportive. 

You can also help us by advertising our volunteer training programmes and opportunities to help local families.

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Support Us With Prayer

Prayer is powerful and we are grateful to everyone who prays for us, our work and the families we impact. Sign up to receive our quarterly prayer newsletters or monthly family prayer points. Use the button below and please specify which one you would like to receive.