Outings Programme

Spend a day doing something different

We aim to run 4 group outings per school holiday, with each child being invited on one age appropriate group activity. We provide an exciting and varied programme of activities, to maximise opportunities for children to broaden their experiences and horizons. Volunteers accompany children from home and facilitate participation. Consistent volunteers and peer groups promote relationships.

Parents are grateful for the experiences and opportunities given to their children that they would not have been able to provide. When asked, parents spoke about the importance of the outings getting the children out and socialising with others. This helped their children gain in confidence socially and at school. Moreover being out of the house helped some young people take a break from caring responsibilities and provided parents with a day of respite in the holidays.


If you think you or a child you know would like to take part in our programme, please use the button below to contact us and we will send you a link for online referral.