A Typical Outing

April 2, 2018


Firstly, it should be said that there is no such thing as a typical outing! However for the purposes of this blog post let’s imagine one together.

8am: Wake up and realise you have forgotten to buy snacks for the children.

9am: Leave the house with wristbands with our number on them for the children (our secret safety weapon!), the work phone and a list of all the children and volunteers attending.

9:15am: Detour to Iceland (other supermarkets are available) to pick up snacks and drinks for the children. Set a reminder on the work phone to buy snacks for the outings later in the week. You will not see this reminder until the morning of the next outing.

10am: Pick up one of the children from their home. This will have been pre-arranged with the parents a week in advance and you will have spoken to them the night before to confirm the plan. You travel to the meeting point with the child, on the way you will discuss tv shows that you have never heard of (Paw Patrol anyone?) and play very competitive games of I-spy.

11am: Meet the rest of the group. Two children will be late- this is unavoidable.

12pm: You arrive as a group to your activity location. Our most popular activity at the moment is a trampoline park- all our age groups love throwing themselves around on springy floors and into foam pits for hours on end.

2pm: Utterly exhausted from laughing and chasing children around, you manage to herd the group to the nearest fast food joint before taking the order for 30 people. It’s just as difficult as it sounds! It’s important to note here that you will never get enough of the right sauces and everyone will reject the sweet and sour despite someone asking for it.

4pm: You head back with the child you accompanied. You ask them to rate the day – I have never had a score of less than 9 - and talk about their favourite parts and the future outings they want to have.

5pm: You arrive back home completely knackered but with the knowledge that you really made a group of children very happy.

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