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Making friends and memories – Summer 2019

7 Outings 48 Children 15 volunteers

Fresh experiences give us opportunity to discover new things about ourselves and our world. Provide conversation starters. Bring moments of joy and colour into lives that may be weighed down by circumstances.

“Hi all, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back everyone from yesterday’s adventure and to say thanks for everything you did. It was an amazing outing full of happiness. The kids were extremely happy and they really had so much fun, thanks” (Mum who has attended outings regularly with her 2 children the past 8 months)

What can beat jumping waves on a summers day or trying paddle boarding for the first time? Doing it together – the shared delight and laughter and the encouragement of ‘you can do it'!

“Thank you for inviting me and my family to the seaside. It was fantastic. Nice food and my children had a great time to learn and explore, many thanks” (Mother of 3 children under 4yrs, volunteer support from home enabled her to come)

“Thank you for taking D to the beach. He really loved it. He has told us about the rollercoaster ride. Wow!” Thank you so much for taking us all to the beach, we really had a wonderful time with all the children!” (Mum of 3 children, who is bringing up 2 of her sister’s children)

For our families who are frequently isolated and with little resources for holiday activities, outings help to reduce isolation and promote friendship. Attendance on summer outings this year enabled two isolated families who live close to each other, to build a friendship where they are now meeting up for play and park dates.

Two of our teens graduating to adult life as they turn 18years, reflected back on their final outing “It’s been the best times” and enjoyed recounting and reliving memories of favourite places and activities shared together over their years with us.

“Thank you all the team. My son had a great time today and my daughter had great fun on her day out. I’m grateful this charity exists…” (Newly referred Mum, second set of outings)