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Why volunteer?

Make a difference


Our diverse, committed volunteer team has always been at the heart of the success of our charity and we can’t offer much without them. Working with children from 0-18 years, means there is a place for volunteers to work with the age group they feel more confident with. Families live all over East London, and it helps to have volunteers from across our area.  Unique passions, skills and experience can be matched to the right young people, be it experience supporting children with special needs or specific talents like craft or sport.   Consider joining our team and playing your part to enable children to enjoy new experiences, grow in confidence, experience belonging and well-being.

Part of the family


Consistent volunteers, committed over a period of time provide role models for our young people and enable relationships of trust to grow.   Participating in activities together, often provides a natural context for conversations and opportunities to encourage and nurture confidence and a growing sense of self esteem. The supportive relationships established between volunteers and young people and families, each have a unique character, reflecting the synergy created from the nature and interests of individuals.  Many families have described their regular visits volunteers as part of the family.

It’s fun 


Part of a team, you’ll get to know other volunteers and enjoy having fun trying new challenges together on our outings programme.  Many  of our volunteers have enjoyed lots of ‘firsts’ while volunteering - from mastering the art of hula-hooping at a masterclass, to jumping off a telegraph pole! However, for the less adventurous there are plenty of more every day fun activities such as bowling and parks.

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Live out your faith


We set out to enable Christians from local churches, to actively respond with compassion to the challenges faced by families living with HIV in the local community.  We train and equip our volunteers, to understand stigma, the importance of confidentiality and other key issues that arise living with HIV.   This greater understanding helps to enable us to be effective HIV allies in our churches and wider communities and safe people to talk to for our families. We explore how our faith, inspires us to give time to get alongside those in need, to demonstrate care and God’s love and grace through practical support and kindness.

You may be wondering if you have what it takes to volunteer?


If you enjoy having fun with children, have a heart that cares, can make time to give and support our faith ethos, then please get it touch.  


We can use volunteers with all levels of experience. Working as part of a team, we value good communication skills and the benefit of complementing each other’s strengths.  


We will equip you for the task, through initial and ongoing training.


We cover all the expenses on our outings so that you won’t be out of pocket for activities.  


As part of our commitment to safeguarding, we require all volunteers to complete an application process, enhanced DBS disclosure, to provide references and attend training.


Able to commit to either to helping with 5 group outings a year or to regular 3 hour visits weekly / fortnightly where you facilitate activities directly with the children at home or in the local community with the children in one family. 

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"They're all so good, I always wondered how you always find people who are so lovely" Parent

”The volunteer was an excellent mentor and role model for my son.  I can’t estimate the difference it makes to my son to have someone to talk to as he’s going through a difficult patch”. Parent

"The visits have included numerous park visits, museum and cinema trips and accessing areas of London that I otherwise would not have visited.  In an attempt to broaden the horizons of the children, I have ended up broadening mine. Of course, there have been challenges….complex family dynamics, unemployment the effects of drug abuse, bullying, disability, behavioural problems and school exclusion are some of the issues that have affected the family I visit.  What we have to offer may be basic, but simple contributions of being available, love and prayer are invaluable. 


Being a consistent part of child’s life in what may seem a very unpredictable world is something that cannot be underestimated. My experience has taught me that volunteering is not a one way street, but a two way process.  My volunteer daily has ‘enriched’ me in a number of different ways.  Through giving a little, I have had a massive return.  The positive change that has occurred in the family unit over the last 2 years has been both encouraging and inspiring and it has been a real privilege to walk alongside them for a short chapter in their ‘journey’."  Volunteer

A day in the life of an outings volunteer:


So you’ve signed up to help with an outing on a Saturday or a day in the school holiday with your preferred age group.  You’ll get a planner with details for the activity, venue and timings for the day.  You’ve received details of the young person you are to accompany from home, and worked out your route with a little help from TFL journey planner and rung the family to remind them and confirm what time you will pick them up.


It starts with knocking on the door, and preparing yourself to have fun and support the child you’re accompanying for the day.  You may be greeted by an excited, highly animated child anticipating a day out with the friends they’ve made on previous outings, full of questions and filling you in on the latest craze.  Or you may have the job of drawing out a quieter child, who may be new or less confident and unsure about the activity going to do that day.  Your role starts by building rapport, as you accompany them to the group meeting point.


On arrival you’ll meet up with a group of approx 10-15 children with an average of 4-6 volunteers from our team.  Volunteers get stuck in supporting children with meeting the other young people, breaking the ice with a game or conversation starter or getting ready for the activity.  Encouraging children to participate and overcome any reserve about trying something new, or drawing in a young person on the fringes, while supervising children to keep them safe is all part of the role.  As is, joining in the fun and laughter, and sharing the activity experience together which promotes relationship. All our outings include lunch, whether hot picnics in the summer or heading to a restaurant for food, where team coordinate orders and help young people connect. 


The day ends by heading back to drop a child home, with a mix of animated chat about the experience or complete exhaustion after too much fun!  Finally, volunteers complete a very brief online report about the outing, before putting their feet up, after job well done!

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