Youth Programme

The Alongside You Youth Programme is for 11-18 yrs who are aware of the HIV diagnosis in the family. Teenagers who are not aware have their own group within the outings programme.  We follow up annually with parents of older children, whether young people are now aware.  This provides parents with opportunity to reflect on whether they are ready for this and if any support would be helpful.  There is never any pressure on parents to share information about HIV before they are ready.


Youth events include both day outings and an annual residential weekend on an adventure activity site. Outings provide an opportunity for strong peer relationships to be established with those in similar situations and freedom to be open about HIV and medication if they wish. Families report of increased confidence for their young people and we hear of friendships continuing into adulthood. 

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“I really like coming.  The guys are so much fun and they always make me happy.  The weekend goes by so quickly because we laugh so much but it’s also a time to have deep conversations because we are all different but the same. Life will never be the same without this break, and the friends I’ve made will last forever” Young person

“Taking my children has helped improve their confidence, self esteem and life skills and helped them to be confident while undertaking journeys."   Parent